Mandatory Vessel Grounding Insurance

Since 2002, DOBOR has removed 96 grounded or abandoned derelict vessels from State waters at a cost of $2.37 million paid out of the Boating Special Fund.  The Boating Special Fund is entirely funded by fees and charges that boaters pay to DOBOR and is the primary source of funding to support vessel registration and titling, boat ramp maintenance, harbor operations, repairs and maintenance, the boating safety program, removal of abandoned and derelict vessels from State waters, and much more.

There are 461 documented vessel groundings/sinkings in DOBOR’s records since 2002.  DOBOR suspects many more groundings have occurred which have not been reported.

In December 2009, DOBOR instituted mandatory insurance for vessels moored in state boating facilities as a condition of the mooring permit, resulting in a reduction in the number of vessels it has had to remove and dispose of.  However, the number of vessels in  state boating facilities is only a fraction of the total number of recreational vessels that operate in State waters.

Historically, vessels that are trailered and vessels that are housed in private marinas did not have any insurance requirements.  The new grounding insurance requirement is designed to address this issue and relieve stress on the Boating Special Fund.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding mandatory vessel grounding insurance.  This page will be updated if more questions about mandatory vessel insurance are received.  Please click a question below to see its answer.



This page was last updated 3/22/22.