Attention: Lahaina Vessel Owners

Posted on Aug 16, 2023 in Announcements

In light of the recent wildfire and losses at Lahaina, the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) is implementing the following policies, effective immediately:

  • For vessel owners in Lahaina who still have their vessel but lost their title/registration, DOBOR will waive replacement fees.  Replacement registration waivers will only be given for vessels that have a current registration.  Please come to the Maui District Office in Maalaea for replacement titles and registrations.
  • Please notify DOBOR if your vessel was destroyed in the fire so that we can update our records to ensure you are not charged registration fees going forward.
    • The owner will complete a statement of facts to say that the vessel was destroyed in the fire and submit to DOBOR.
    • Owners must first complete the statement of facts, then can request a refund of registration, ramp, and/or titling fees, if desired.  Registration refunds will only be issued for vessels that have a current registration.

Please note that the above applies only to Lahaina at this time.  The owner making a request for the above must have a Lahaina address on record.