Boating with Whales-What Time Of Year?

Image taken under NOAA Fisheries Research Permit 21321

Whales are usually here from November to April of the following year. However, the first arrivals vary, so be sure to visit this page frequently for updates throughout the year.

PRECAUTIONS: Shortly before, during and shortly after whale season, post a lookout on your vessel to help spot whales in the distance.

  • To avoid collisions with and reduce potential harassment to whales, science and prudent marinership strongly recommends maintaining a maximum speed of 15 knots in waters 100 fathoms or less around the Hawaiian Islands. 
  • Proceed at a recommended max speed of six knots within 400 yards of a whale(s) while making directed approaches and departures.
  • Do not approach within 100 yards.


ELEVATED ALERTS: NOAA has not issued an elevated alert at this point in time.  LAST UPDATED 8/23/21. 


1. What TIME of Year?

2. What DEPTH?

3. What SPEED?


5. What’s the SOLUTION?


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