If you are interested in applying for a mooring in a harbor or an offshore mooring, if you are a long-time tenant of a DOBOR facility, or if you are a commercial tenant, there are three newly-published resources that provide valuable guidance on the rules and regulations that apply to you. 

“Applying for a Mooring Permit” details the application process, fees for the wait-list, requirements for the application process, a description of the acceptance process, etc.

The “Harbor Tenant Handbook” provides detailed excerpts of the statutes and rules that may apply to harbor tenants in order to maintain a mooring permit, including topics like insurance, parking, pets, use of common areas, buoy runs, dormant vessels, etc. 

The “Commercial Tenant Handbook” explains all requirements for conducting commercial activity from a DOBOR facility, including rules pertaining to signage, loading and discharging passengers, solicitations and advertising, etc.

To access these handbooks, visit the Harbor User Handbook launch page.