Unintended Consequences of HRS §46-88

“HRS §46-88 currently exempts certain types of agricultural buildings, structures, and appurtenances from building permit and building code requirements.  In the upcoming 2017 Legislative session, the Department of Land and Natural Resources will be proposing an amendment to HRS §46-88 to restore the provision that require building permits when developing in flood prone areas regulated under each county’s floodplain management ordinance.  The amendment is necessary to ensure that federal requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program are met and federal flood insurance and federal disaster assistance will continue to made available in the State of Hawaii.”


For more information, contact the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Engineering Division, NFIP Program at (808) 587‐0230 or [email protected] . To download a copy of this flyer, visit: https://bit.ly/HRS46‐88FAQ