Land Board – Submittals – 04/26/13






TIME: 9:00 A.M.






  1. Approval of March 22, 2013 Minutes
  2. Approval of April 12, 2013 Minutes




  1. Request Board Approval to Enter Into Contracts for Furnishing Helicopter Transportation Services for the State of Hawaii between the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement, Windward Aviation, Inc. and ManuIwa Airways, Inc.




  1. Amendment of General Lease No. S-5221 to Kauai Economic Opportunity, Inc., Lessee, for  Flower and Foliage Farm Purposes, Kapaa, Kawaihau (Puna), Kauai, Hawaii, Tax Map Key: (4) 4-6-004:013.  The Purpose of the Amendment is to Allow the Lessee to Pay Nominal Rent Instead of Fair Market Rent.
  2. Cancellation of Revocable Permit No. S-7190 to Gary Rodrigues and Request for Waiver of Level One (1) Hazardous Waste Evaluation Requirement, por. Kapaa Homesteads, 1st and 3rd Series, Kawaihau, Kauai, Tax Map Key: (4) 4-6-008:023 and 024.
  3. Withdrawal from Governor’s Executive Order No. 3814 and Reset Aside to Department of Accounting and General Services for Radio Tower Purposes, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, Tax Map Key 3rd/ 2-4-01:170; and Grant of Perpetual Non-Exclusive Easement to State of Hawaii, Department of Accounting and General Services, for Access Purposes, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, Tax Map Key 3rd/ 2-4-01: Portions of 40 and 122; and Issuance of Immediate Construction and Management Right-of-Entry to State of Hawaii, Department of Accounting and General Services, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, Tax Map Key 3rd/ 2-4-01:170.
  4. Consent to Assignment of General Lease No. S-3158, I.C. Haunani Henry, to I. C. Haunani Henry and Leonard K. Bolinger, aka: Leonard Kent Bolinger, Assignee, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, Tax Map Key: 3rd/ 2-1-07:24. 
  5. Cancellation of Revocable Permit No. S-7535 to Margaret L. Loo and Issuance of Month-to-Month Revocable Permit to Ainslie A.N. Loo, Anita Loo and Nicole K. Loo for Diversified Agriculture Purposes; Ili of Kaohia, Waipio Valley, Hamakua, Hawaii, Tax Map Key: (3) 4-9-11:02.
  6. Issuance of Right-of-Entry Permit to Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Inc. for Aerial Fireworks Display Purposes at Honuaula, Makena, Maui, Tax Map Key:(2)  2-1-006: seaward of 036.
  7. Amend Prior Board Action of February 11, 2011, Item D-10, Grant of Term, Non-Exclusive Easement to Douglas Lee Callahan and Madeline Cochrane Callahan for Access and Utility Purposes, Hanawana, Hamakualoa, Maui, TMK (2) 2-9-001:008 por. The Purpose of the Amendment is to Change the Previously Approved Term, Non-Exclusive Easement to a Perpetual Non-Exclusive Easement.
  8. Issuance of Right-of-Entry Permit to Na Wahine O Ke Kai for Canoe Race Event to be held on September 22, 2013, at Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Tax Map Key: (1) 2-3-037: portions of 021.
  9. Issuance of Right-of-Entry Permit to Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association for Canoe Race Event, from October 12 to October 13, 2013, at Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Tax Map Key: (1) 2-3-037: portions of 021. 
  10. Amend General Lease No. 3846 to Allow Lessee to Conduct Activities that are Consistent with the Administrative Rules Governing the Natural Reserve Area System, United States of America, Lessee, Poamoho, Wahiawa, Oahu, Tax Map Key: (1) 7-2-001:006.
  11. Issuance of a Perpetual, Non-Exclusive Easement and Management Right-of-Entry to Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. for Utility Purposes, Waianae-Uka, Wahiawa, Oahu; Tax Map Key: (1) 7-6-001:006 portion.
  12. Amend Prior Board Action of September 24, 2004, D-14: Conveyance of State-owned Land to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, East Kapolei, Honouliuli, Ewa, Oahu, TMK: (1) 9-1-17: 71 and 88.  Amendment Request: Change the Conservation Easement to a 20-year Abutilon Menziesii Preservation Easement to be Issued in Favor of the Department of Transportation.




  1. Request for Authorization for the Construction and Use of a Burial Tomb on the Grounds of the Royal Mausoleum State Monument for Abigail K. Kawananakoa and Delegation of Authority to the Chairperson to Issue a Construction Right-of-Entry for said Tomb at Mauna ‘Ala, Kawananakoa, Nu’uanu Valley, O’ahu, TMK:  (1) 2-2-021:012 (por.)
  2. Consent to Assign General Lease No. SP-0181, Erik Paul Coopersmith, Assignor, to Erik Paul Coopersmith, Ruth Belmonte and Adrien Malina, Assignees, Lot 29, Koke’e Campsites Lots, Waimea (Kona), Kaua’i Hawai’i, TMK:  (4) 1-4-004:021
  3. Request for Approval to Issue a Single Revocable Permit to Adventures In Paradise, Inc., for Commercial Kayak Tour Purposes, Under Terms and Conditions to be Determined by the Chairperson, Ka’awaloa, Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, Kealakekua, Hawaii, TMK: (4) 1-4-004:021




  1. Request for Approval to Authorize Chairperson, Board of Land and Natural Resources, To Expend Port Royal Trust Funds for 2013-2014 Research Project:  “Coral Reef Restoration: Removing Invasive Algae, Out-Planting Urchins, and Mitigating the Effects of Ship Groundings” Through a Contract with the University of Hawaii for a Cost Not to Exceed $600,000.  SUBMITTAL TO BE DISTRIBUTED




  1. Issuance of a Revocable Permit to Honolulu Transpac, Ltd. for Support Areas and Mooring Sites for the 2013 California to Hawaii Yacht Race Finishing at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, Tax Map Key (1)-2-3-037: portion of 12
  2. Requesting the Board of Land and Natural Resources Approve the Issuance of an Offshore Mooring Permit and Installation of a Mooring System in Kailua Bay, Hawaii to the Following Entities: Bill Busters Charters Inc., Kanoa Inc., Live/Dive Pacific, SDH Inc., Blue Sea Cruises Inc., RCL LLC, Anela O Ke Kai LLC, Eka LLC, Pueo Bay LLC, Kanoa Inc., Kalani Nakoa
  3. Request Approval to Initiate Rule-Making Proceedings to Amend and Compile Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 13-230-4 Penalties and prosecution (violation and administrative penalties); 230-8 Definitions (civil union, civil union partner, dormant vessel, personal partner, reciprocal beneficiary, spouse, stay aboard, Tahiti moor, temporary mooring, temporary permittee); 230-21 Definitions (personal partner); 230-22 Twelve-month rule (corrected citation); 230-25 Particular categories (legal relationships); 230-27 Permittee required to report change of residence (residence off-island and assumption of obligations to others); 230-28 Appeals (corrected citation)




  1. Conservation District Use Application (CDUA) HA-3651 to Construct Pier 4 of the Interisland Cargo Terminal, by the Department of Transportation, Harbors Division, Located at Hilo Commercial Harbor, Kūhiō Bay, Waiākea, South Hilo, Hawai`i, Submerged Land Ma Kai of Tax Map Keys: (3) 2-1-007:011 & (3) 2-1-009:007
  2. Rule Amendment KA-10-01, Request to Amend Title 13, Chapter 5, Hawaii Administrative Rules, to Establish the Lawa’i Kai Special Subzone, Located at Lawa’i, Koloa District, Island of Kaua’i, Tax Map Keys: (4) 2-6-002:001, 004-009, Including  Submerged Land in Lawa’i Bay, Ma Kai of Subject Parcels
  3. Time Extension Request to Extend the Initiation and Completion Deadlines Two Years for Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) HA-3495 for the Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc.’s Open Ocean Mariculture Facility, Approximately Three Miles West of Malae Point, North Kohala, Island of Hawaii, Seaward of TMK (3) 5-0-000:000 (Submerged Land).  Proposed Initiation Deadline of October 15, 2015 and Proposed Completion Deadline of October 23, 2018.
  4. Time Extension Request to Extend the Completion Deadline Four Years for Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) KA-3240 Regarding Completion of Navigation Improvements and Sand By-Passing at Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor, Waimea, Kauai, TMK (4) 1-0-000:000 (Submerged Land).  Proposed completion date of July 2016.  





The Board may go into Executive Session pursuant to Section 92-5(a)(4), Hawaii Revised Statutes, in order to consult with its attorney on questions and issues pertaining to the Board’s powers, duties, privileges, immunities and liabilities. TO BE PLACED ON THE MOVE UP AGENDA, PLEASE SIGN IN BY 8:50 A.M. THE DAY OF THE MEETING. ALL MATERIALS LISTED ON THIS AGENDA ARE AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW IN THE DLNR CHAIRPERSON’S OFFICE OR ON THE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE THE WEEK OF THE MEETING AT: INDIVIDUALS REQUIRING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS (ie. large print materials, sign language interpreters) AT THE BLNR MEETING, ARE ASKED TO CONTACT THE CHAIRPERSON’S OFFICE AT (808) 587-0400 AT LEAST THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE MEETING.