• 04/13/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]
  • 04/19/18 Na Ala Hele (NAH) Hawaii Advisory Council [AgendaMinutes]
  • 04/20/18 Forest Stewardship Advisory  Meeting, [Agenda]
  • 04/24/18 Na Ala Hele Advisory Council. Oahu [Agenda, Minutes]
  • 04/27/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]


  • 03/09/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]
  • 03/14/18 Na Ala Hele (NAH) Maui Advisory Council [Agenda, Minutes]
  • 03/23/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]


Notice of Public Hearings on Proposed Rule making:


  • 02/09/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]
  • 02/12/18 Na Ala Hele Reserve System Commission Meeting [Agenda]
  • 02/15/18 Na Ala Hele (NAH) Hawaii Advisory Council [AgendaMinutes]
  • 02/20/18 Na Ala Hele Advisory Council. Oahu [AgendaMinutes]
  • 02/23/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]

Makai Watch Program

The first two workshops will be on O‘ahu on:

  • Saturday February 17th from 9 to 11 a.m. Kamiloiki Elementary Cafeteria, 7788 Hawai‘i Kai Dr, Honolulu; and
  • Saturday February 24th from 9:15 to 11:15 a.m. Wai‘anae Intermediate Cafeteria, 85-626 Farrington Hwy, Wai‘anae

Luna Kekoa, Makai Watch coordinator for DOCARE, explained the MapTool was originally created to address concerns from DOCARE officers.  “During a presentation of the DAR and DOBOR ‘Ike Kai curriculum, officers suggested updating the maps to tie into regulations.” 

For more information on the Makai Watch program click here:


  • 01/12/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]
  • 01/16/18 Commission on Water Resource Management [Agenda]
  • 01/17/18 Kauai Island Burial Council Meeting [Agenda
  • 01/17/18 Na Ala Hele (NAH) Maui Advisory Council [Agenda, Minutes]
  • 01/18/18 Na Ala Hele (NAH) Lanai Advisory Council [Agenda, Minutes 1/17, 6/17]
  • 01/26/18 Land Board Meeting, [Agenda]







For a listing of prior meeting Agendas & Minutes