Member Kaiwi Yoon

Kaiwi Yoon is the vice president of operations, planning and program management at the Bishop Museum. His responsibilities include managing the daily operations of the museum’s 14-acre campus and working closely with the President & CEO and the senior management team to lead planning initiatives and implement program management processes throughout the institution. Kaʻiwi is a strong advocate for improving operations to accomplish agency-wide goals and objectives and has a proven and successful track record in government affairs, land management and change management.

ʻiwi is a passionate, community-based leader who is committed to the preservation of Hawai‘i’s unique identity and its sustainable future. Never afraid to evolve to increase his capacity to serve Hawai‘i’s people, he has augmented his architecture, development and construction background by increasing his knowledge base and experience to include historic preservation and land conservation. Prior to his current position, Kaʻiwi worked for the State’s Department of Land and Natural Resources from 2015-2018 and served two terms on the Legacy Land Conservation Commission from 2007-2014.