Water Conservation Measures In Effect

Posted on Jun 30, 2022 in Announcements

Due to the ongoing drought conditions throughout the State of Hawaii, DOBOR is implementing water restrictions at all boat launch ramps.  Effective July 8, 2022 and until further notice, use of washdowns will be limited only to trailered vessels, and 50% of washdown spigots will be shut down.

In a typical year, DOBOR’s statewide water bill nears or surpasses one million dollars ($1,000,000), almost entirely attributed to washdown usage.  Despite signage clearly stating authorized washdown uses, staff regularly observe unauthorized and wasteful uses, most commonly the cleaning of vehicles.  DOBOR encourages reporting any unauthorized uses of washdowns or washdown water waste to DOCARE at (808) 643-3567 or through the DLNRTip App.

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply recommends the following to conserve water:

  • Put a nozzle on water spigots. Use a shutoff or pressure nozzle. Use only what you need.
  • Wash boats and trailers with a bucket and sponge instead of a running hose.
  • Don’t let the hose run freely.  Use only the minimal amount of water needed.

Mahalo for helping us conserve water.