State Historic Preservation Division Offices Closed: June 24/25 & July 1/2

Posted on Jun 19, 2015 in News Releases, State Historic Preservation Division

All State Historic Preservation Division Offices will be closed on the following days: June 24, June 25, July 1, and July 2. The State Historic Preservation Division will conduct a four day Workshop with SHPD and DLNR staff, as well as Historic Preservation stakeholders from other agencies and preservation organizations on June 24-25 and July 1-2, 2015.

SHPD and DLNR staff, as well as Historic Preservation stakeholders will work to identify the critical issues at SHPD. SHPD’s four branches, History and Culture, Archaeology, Architecture, and Administration work closely with the community to preserve and sustain the historical sites and culture. This Workshop will help SHPD comply with its mission statement “to preserve and sustain reminders of earlier times which link the past to the present.” Historic Preservation is partial funded by Federal Funds. In recent years SHPD has been getting through the audit conducted by National Park Service. The Strategic Planning Meeting will have discussions on how to improve SHPD and where SHPD is heading. SHPD will meet with stakeholders for input and suggestions and will give updates on SHPD.

Should you have any questions regarding the matter please contact Mr. Alan Downer, State Historic Preservation Division Administrator, at 692-8040.

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