Q:  How do I submit a topic or agenda item to the Board of Land & Natural Resources meeting?

A:  All agenda items must be submitted through a Division of the Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR).  Members of the public may make suggestions by discussing the issue with the appropriate DLNR Division according to the subject matter.  Requests should explain the topic or subject of the submittal and must be addressed to the appropriate DLNR Division via letter, phone, or fax.

Q:  How does the Sign in Sheet work?

 A:  On the day of the Board of Land & Natural Resources meeting, there will be a “Sign In Sheet” form on which the general public can sign in to indicate that they are interested in presenting oral testimony on a particular agenda item.  The list is on the table as you enter the Land Board conference room.  The purpose of the list is to try to accommodate people who wish to testify on an agenda item, especially those from the neighbor islands who may have to catch flights, by hearing those agenda items which people have signed up to testify on earlier than other agenda items.   The sign in sheet is removed approximately five minutes prior to the meeting to allow the Board to re-order the agenda if necessary.

Q:  How do I submit testimony?

 A:  Written testimony may be submitted in one of the following ways:

                  fax:       (808) 587-0390  Attn: Board Members

                  e-mail: [email protected]

                  mail:     Department of Land and Natural Resources

                              Attn:  Board Members

                              1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 130,

                              Honolulu, Hawaii  96813.

The Sunshine Law gives the public the opportunity to submit testimony but it is your responsibility to submit written testimony in a timely manner.  To give Board members sufficient time to consider written testimony, please submit the testimony no later than 24 hours prior to the Board Meeting.

Any late written testimony will be retained as a part of the record, but we cannot assure that Board members will receive it with sufficient time for review prior to decision-making.

Oral testimony may be presented on the day of the Land Board meeting.  If possible, please provide a written summary of your testimony to the Board when you approach the Board to present your testimony.

Q:  What are the procedures on the day of the Board of Land & Natural Resources meeting?

 A:  The door to the conference room usually opens around 8:00 AM.  The Land Board meetings start at 9:00 AM.  The Chairperson will call the meeting to order, and then announce the first agenda item the Board will hear.  For various reasons, like accommodating members of the public present to testify on a particular agenda item, the board may take agenda items out of order; therefore, the Board does not always follow the agenda in the order that it is posted.  During an agenda item the Chairperson will start with the DLNR staff making a presentation on the item and then the Chairperson will allow the party, or representative, involved in the agenda item to testify if they would like.  Next, the Chairperson will call on people to testify based on the sign in sheet, then the Chairperson will ask if there is anyone else who would like to testify on the item.  Members of the public who did not sign in to testify are welcome to present oral testimony at that time.  After members of the public have been allowed to present testimony, the Chairperson will call for a motion from the Board members.  If a motion is made and seconded, the Board members may have a discussion of the agenda item before taking a vote on the motion.  After the item has been completed, the Chairperson will call for the next item to be heard.

Q:  How do I make a request for a contested case hearing?

 A:  Pursuant to Hawaii Administrative Rule (HAR) Section 13-1-29, an oral or written request for a contested case hearing must be made prior to close of either the public hearing (if required) or public meeting at which the matter is scheduled for disposition.  In addition to the oral or written request, a written petition must be filed with the Board not later than ten days after the close of the public hearing or the Board meeting, whichever applies.  The written petition may either be hand delivered to the Chairperson’s office or mailed, addressed to the Board of Land and Natural Resources, 1151 Punchbowl Street, #130, Honolulu, HI  96813.  You may find Chapter 13-1 HAR at our website for the Office of Conservation and Coastal Land.

Contested Case Form