Hawaii Water Workshops

The Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM) is currently updating the statewide Water Resource Protection Plan (WRPP). As part of this process CWRM recently held a series of open workshops to learn about water resource issues that are important to our island communities.

 The purpose of the Water Resource Protection Plan is to establish policies and identify actions needed to ensure the long-term protection and sustainability of Hawaii’s precious and limited ground and surface water resources.

 Click on the links below to download the presentations and notes from each workshop





Workshop Materials and Information

Oahu  March 3, 2015


Lanai   March 11, 2015


Maui    March 12, 2015


Molokai   March 17, 2015


Kauai   March 19, 2015


Kona   March 24, 2015


Hilo   March 30, 2015