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To report a floating whale or any marine mammal incident, call USCG channel 16 or the NOAA marine mammal hotline at: 1-888-256-9840.

DEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES News Release NEIL ABERCROMBIE GOVERNOR WILLIAM J. AILA JR, CHAIRPERSON For Immediate News Release October 24, 2013 KAUA‘I SCHOOL CHILDREN CELEBRATE AS YOUNG ‘A‘O FLY SAFELY OUT TO SEA LIHU‘E — Local school children from Wilcox Elementary School today released five fledgling ‘A‘o (Newell’s Shearwaters) out to sea as ...
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Interested persons wanting additional details regarding the feral cattle control program, application process and/or special accommodations, may contact Division of Forestry and Wildlife in Hilo at (808) 974-4221.

The proposed amendments would prohibit the use of stand-up paddleboards in the Waiakea Public Fishing Area, limit boat fishing to only when the boat is anchored, and prohibit the possession or use of any net within the public fishing area. “These changes will help to maintain the focus on active pole and line fishing for which this area was designated,” said William J. Aila, Jr., DLNR chairperson.

DLNR proposes to repair approximately 100 feet of a severely eroded section in the streambank of the Hanalei River. The breach is located approximately 5 river miles upstream of the river mouth. Engineering improvements to repair the stream bank will reduce future erosion and reduce chances for breaching during future flood events.

Improvement will include installation of a new 6-inch water main, new water meters, new lateral connections to adjacent lots, fire control laterals, repair of the affected roadways and related work. The project contractor is Goodfellow Bros., Inc., and the project cost is $2 million. Project completion is expected by March 2014.

The Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners and land managers committed to the stewardship, conservation and restoration of important forest resources across the state.

DLNR firefighters brought in a private 5000 gallon water tender from Waimea to assist in fire control operations, which are now expected to go through Tuesday Oct. 8 There are 21 Division of Forestry and Wildlife staff on scene.

“The public can help prevent damage to our coral reefs and waste of marine life in our ocean environment by reporting abandoned nets or entangled marine life to DOCARE at 643-DLNR. Fishers can also help by registering and tagging their lay nets and following state soak time and checking time rules,” urged William J. Aila, Jr., DLNR chairperson.

“Enforcement of laynet use is crucial in DLNR’s mission to ensure the sustainability of marine resources through compliance with state rules in Hawaiian waters, and to ensure that endangered species are not harmed,” said William J. Aila, Jr., DLNR chairperson.