(HONOLULU) – Starting Monday, the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) will conduct maintenance work in the Kamananui Valley, commonly referred to as Moanalua Valley, on Oʻahu. The Kamananui Valley Road Trail and the Kulana‘ahane Trail will be intermittently closed for vegetation clearing and road improvements.

(HONOLULU) - Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) has stepped up to help reduce the spread of the Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death (ROD) disease on Oʻahu through the design, fabrication, and installation of a new style of boot brush station for trailheads. Sean Moura, Hawaiian Electric wildlife biologist, took an existing boot brush design and modified it to be more inviting and user-friendly.

(Pololū Valley, Hawai‘i Island) – “Everyone is recognizing the overuse of Pololū and the community wanting to do something about it,” begins Jackson Bauer.

(HILO) – A newly released study by federal and university researchers provides “encouragement and guidance” for land managers wanting to reestablish ʻōhiʻa stands wiped out by the fungal disease, Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death, or impacted by other disturbances like volcanic activity and wildland fires. 

(LĪHU‘E) – Almost four years after Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death (ROD) was first detected in a lower-elevation forest in northeast Kaua’i, the fungus known to exclusively infect ʻōhiʻa has been found in a dead ʻōhiʻa in the pristine wilderness area of the Alakaʻi at 4,100-feet elevation. 

(KAHULUI) – Only one of the islands, comprising Maui Nui, is free from hooved animals. The 32,000-acre Kaho‘olawe no longer experiences ungulate-caused deforestation and the loss of topsoil, after goats, sheep, and cattle were eliminated from the island. 

(Honolulu) – In Hawaiʻi, it helps to be local. That’s the driving principle behind new web and social media content managed by the DLNR Division of Forestry & Wildlife (DOFAW) which aims to provide easier access to information about natural resources and recreation opportunities depending on where a user is located.

(HONOLULU)- The DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) announces the opening of the 2021-2022 Game Bird Hunting Season on Saturday, November 6, 2021. The fall game bird hunting season will run through Sunday, January 30, 2022. To comply with federal mandates, including the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and to meet current state regulations, the last day for hunting mourning dove will be January 16, 2022.

(HONOLULU) – Imagine your job is hanging 300 feet on a thin rope, on nearly vertical cliffs, in Waimea Canyon on Kaua‘i. This is precisely what Adam Williams, a botanist with the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW), and Scott Heintzman with the state’s Plant Extinction Prevention Program (PEPP) do on a regular basis. 

(HONOLULU) – A blessing was held today to mark the beginning of a long-term management plan to protect the Maunawili Falls Trail and the surrounding neighborhoods. The popular trail will be temporarily closed beginning next week on July 15. The closure is expected to be for two years and includes the trailhead near the Maunawili Estates subdivision.  

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