(HONOLULU, HI) – The 20-member Hawai‘i Climate Commission voted today to support Governor Josh Green’s proposal to create a $100 million climate fund to continue guiding the state’s adaptation and mitigation efforts to combat climate change.

(KĀNEʻOHE BAY, OʻAHU) – A major milestone was reached this week as teams from the Ānuenue Fisheries Research Center (AFRC), a facility of the DLNR’s Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR), planted the one millionth juvenile native sea urchin in Kāneʻohe Bay on Oʻahu. Since January 2011, AFRC has successfully spawned and raised collector urchins in captivity with the purpose of releasing them in the bay as part of an ecosystem-based management plan for environmental mitigation work in the bay and off Waikīkī.

(HONOLULU, HI) – Free parking will remain at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor on O‘ahu.

(Hāpuna Beach State Recreation Area, Hawai‘i Island) – Water service at this state recreation area has been off and on more than three-dozen times since 2018, due to repeated breaks in its underground lines. The DLNR Division of State Parks (DSP) decided, after spending a lot of time and money trying to remedy chronic leaks, it needed to look at a more long-term fix rather than the band-aid fixes employed over the past five years.”

(LĪHU‘E, HI) – The Department of Land and Natural Resources is asking local hunters to help protect rare and endangered plants and birds in upper Honopū Valley on Kaua‘i, especially during a special, three-month period from today through May 10.

(HONOLULU) - The recently appointed leadership teams for the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture (HDOA) are working to resolve a long-standing issue on the management of pasture lands.

(HONOLULU) – Two additional hearings have been scheduled for Maui and Moloka‘i for people to comment on a proposal to protect nearly 100 unencumbered state land parcels across Hawai‘i as part of the State Forest Reserves, Natural Area Reserves, and Wildlife Sanctuaries systems.

(HONOLULU) – A recent survey of Hawai‘i residents shows that the vast majority (93%) consider invasive species a serious issue. The State is half-way through the implementation of the 2017-2027 Hawai‘i Interagency Biosecurity Plan to fill the gaps in invasive species prevention and control, and with the aim to increase awareness in helping to protect Hawai‘i.

(HONOLULU) – Starting Monday, the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) will conduct maintenance work in the Kamananui Valley, commonly referred to as Moanalua Valley, on Oʻahu. The Kamananui Valley Road Trail and the Kulana‘ahane Trail will be intermittently closed for vegetation clearing and road improvements.

(KAHULUI) – The Kanahā Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary on Maui is the oldest wetland managed by the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW). It is unique; sandwiched between the ocean, a busy urban and commercial area, and an international airport.