(HILO) - The Mauna Loa Forest Reserve was closed shortly after the volcanic eruption began one week ago. Yet, even after a public viewing area was closed for multiple hours today due to the discovery of unexploded ordnance (UXO) many people continue to trespass into the closed area.

(HILO) – Effective immediately, due to continuing volcanic activity on Mauna Loa, the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) has closed all hunting in the portion of Unit A of the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve and Game Management Area South of Daniel K. Inouye Highway across from the Gil Kahele Recreation Area.  

(HILO) – As lava continues to flow into the Northeast Rift zone from Mauna Loa’s summit caldera, the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) is closing additional recreation areas on the mountain. 

(HILO) – Periodically, this afternoon when clouds hugging the summit of the world’s largest volcano lifted, you could spot a field of lava on the northwestern flank of Mauna Loa.

(HILO) - Many of the hikers contacted today, by officers from the Hawaii Island Branch of the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE), claimed to be unaware that traveling beyond closed signs at a collection of waterfalls known as Narnia is illegal without a permit or hunting license.

(Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park) – On Tuesday, feral goats outnumbered campers at Kalalau Beach in this iconic, world-famous wilderness park. As winter nears, the number of permitted campers’ declines, as ocean swells make it both illegal and dangerous to land kayaks at the beach or to swim in from a boat. 

(Kailua-Kona) – A 52-year-old man, who recently relocated to Hawai‘i from the mainland, was cited Tuesday by a trio of State and federal agencies after his dog was captured on videotape harassing a Hawaiian monk seal at Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park on Oct. 10.

(LANA‘I CITY) While patrolling the shoreline on the north side of Lana'i, a DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources (DOCARE) Officer observed 34-year-old Keao Soriano bending over a bucket near the water’s edge. Soriano looked in the officer’s direction and then attempted to hide the bucket before contacting the officer.

(HONOLULU) – Following-up on a complaint, a pair of officers from the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE), cited two Honolulu men, late Saturday, for prohibited activities in the Waikīkī Fisheries Management Area (FMA). 

(HONOLULU) – Early Friday morning, officers from the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) confiscated more than one-thousand-feet of laynet, and two small boats.