HISAW 2017 Student Video Contest



GRADES: 7-12 (Schools in Hawaii only)

TOPIC: Impacts of Invasive Species on Hawaii’s Economy, Environment, Quality of Life, or Human Health

LENGTH: 30 seconds

DETAILS: Create a short (30sec) video based on the topic described above. Videos can follow any type of format (interview, musical, animation, documentary, etc.)

JUDGING: Videos will be judged based on these five categories

  • Accuracy of information
  • Relation to contest topic
  • Creativity
  • Production quality
  • Overall presentation

PRIZES: Either Amazon or Apple Store gift card. 1st prize:  $175, 2nd prize: $125, 3rd prize: $75. Winners will also receive HISC prize packs!


All submissions are due by February 20th, 2017. Video Clips can be submitted electronically via Dropbox by uploading them at this web address:


 Please include a separate document with your contact information (Name, Grade, School, Email or Phone, Video Title)

 Do not include personal info in the video.


*By submitting a video, you agree to allow the Hawaii Invasive Species Council to post it on the HISAW web page and to use it for future invasive species outreach.


For more information, visit https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/hisc/hisaw/


end an email to: [email protected]