Strategic Plan for Control and Management of Albizia

Albizia infests large swaths of our islands. Its rapid growth crowds out native species, its nitrogen fixing abilities change natural ecosystems, and its brittle wood breaks easily, smashing property and destroying lives. Despite being one of the most detrimental plants in our state, there is no coordinated effort to address this invasive species on a statewide scale.  The purpose of this strategic plan is not to provide site-specific management actions but to provide large-scale objectives and a framework to minimize the impacts of albizia on the environment, human health, and infrastructure by:

  • Describing statewide impacts of albizia
  • Summarizing available control methods
  • Recommending directions for future research on detection and control methodologies
  • Supporting and encouraging the development of island or site-specific management plans
  • Identifying priorities for HISC funding to support research, detection, and control efforts
  • Identifying objectives and implementation tasks to reduce impacts of albizia statewide

Download the Plan: