Resolutions of the Hawaii Invasive Species Council

Chapter 194, Hawaii Revised Statutes, mandates that the HISC coordinate the State’s position on issues relating to invasive species, and that the HISC provide advice to the Governor and State Legislature. Resolutions reviewed and adopted by the Council are one method for fulfilling these mandates.

Resolution 23-1: Recognizing the Role of Invasive Plants as it Relates to Wildfire in Hawaiʻi & Supporting Recommendations for the Prevention & Post-Recovery Efforts to Mitigate Future Impacts

Resolution 21-1: Supporting the Planning, Construction, & Operation of Pacific Regional Biological Control Facilities in Hawaiʻi and Committing Agency Engagement

Resolution 19-2: Supporting the Keeping of Pet Cats Indoors and the Use of Peer-reviewed Science in Pursuing the Humane Mitigation of the Impacts of Feral Cats on Wildlife and People

Resolution 19-1: Supporting the Use of Best Available Science in Regulation of Herbicides and Recognizing the Utility of Glyphosate as a Tool for Invasive Species Control

Resolution 18-1: Supporting Evaluation and Implementation of Best Management Practices and Technologies for Vessel Biofouling Management and Collaboration by HISC Agencies in the Development of Biofouling Management Regulations for Hawaii Harbors [Adopted 1/18/18]

Resolution 17-3: Recognizing The Rapid Ohia Death Advisory Group As The Lead Entity For The Rapid Ohia Death Response And Supporting Close Collaboration Between The Hawaii Invasive Species Council And The Rapid Ohia Death Advisory Group At All Levels [Adopted 1/17/17]

Resolution 17-2: Supporting Evaluation And Implementation Of Technologies For Landscape-Scale Control Of Mosquitoes, With A Focus On Mitigating Both Human And Wildlife Health Risks [Adopted 1/17/17]

Resolution 17-1: Endorsing The Hawaii Interagency Biosecurity Plan And Committing To Implementation [Adopted 1/17/17]

Resolution 15-1: Supporting the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s 2016 Interagency Biosecurity Planning Initiative and Committing Agency Engagement, adopted December 4, 2015

Resolution 14-2: Requesting a Legislative Reference Bureau Study to Update the 2002 Report Titled “Filling the Gaps In the Fight Against Invasive Species”, adopted October 28, 2014

Resolution 14-1: Endorsing the Overarching Goals and Jurisdictional Recommendations of the Regional Biosecurity Plan for Micronesia and Hawaii, adopted October 28, 2014

Special Publication: 2014 Hawaii Biosecurity Resolutions Package, sent by Governor Abercrombie to various federal agencies regarding federal invasive species issues that impact Hawaii. Inclusive of HISC Resolutions 13-1, 13-2, 13-3, and 12-1.

Resolution 13-3: Supporting amendments to the list of injurious species under the Lacey Act, adopted June 4, 2013

Resolution 13-2: Supporting the reauthorization of the Brown Tree Snake Control and Eradication Act of 2004, adopted June 4, 2013

Resolution 13-1: Support for federal recognition of Hawaii’s unique biosecurity needs and coordination between federal and state inspection agencies, including information sharing between federal and state inspection staff and the development of joint inspection facilities, adopted June 4, 2013

Resolution 12-1: Supporting the Micronesian Biosecurity Plan Review and Implementation, and Requesting the Inclusion of Hawai‘i as a Potential Recipient of Invasive Species, adopted January 10, 2012

Resolution 11-5: Regarding Axis Deer, adopted June 27, 2011

Resolution 11-4: Regarding ‘Ohi‘a Rust, adopted June 27, 2011

Resolution 11-3: Regarding Mosquitoes, adopted June 27, 2011

Resolution 11-2: Regarding Albizia, adopted June 27, 2011

Resolution 11-1: Requesting the Promulgation of Administrative Rules for the Implementation of HRS 194, The Hawai‘i Invasive Species Council, adopted June 27, 2011

Resolution 08-2: Regarding Current Issues with Biological Control Including Proposed Control of Strawberry Guava, adopted July 9, 2008

Resolution 08-1: Call for State Agencies to Utilize the Hawaii-Pacific Weed Risk Assessment (HPWRA) to Assist Decision Makers In Determining Whether to Accept of Reject Species Proposed for Crop or Other Planting Purposes, adopted July 9, 2008

Resolution 06-3: Regarding the Invasive Species Recommendations of the Governor’s Economic Momentum Commission, adopted January 19, 2006

Resolution 06-2: Call for Departments to Use All Existing Authorities to Stop the Spread of Coqui (Eleutherodactylus coqui) Intraisland, Interisland, and to Other Locations Outside the State of Hawaii, and Develop Authorities and Protocols to Fill Current Gaps, adopted January 19, 2006

Resolution 06-1: In Support of the Hawaii Invasive Species Prevention Act, H.R. 3468, adopted January 19, 2006