The Hawaii Invasive Species Council produces a number of publications, some mandated by Chapter 194, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), and some at the discretion of the Council. These publications include:

  • Agendas & Minutes of Hawaii Invasive Species Council meetings.
  • Reports to the Legislature: In response to Chapter 194, HRS, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, on behalf of the HISC, submits an annual report to the Hawaii State Legislature on budgetary and other issues relating to invasive species.
  • Resolutions: At HISC meetings, the Council may review submitted items and vote to adopt resolutions relating to invasive species. Chapter 194, HRS, authorizes the HISC to coordinate the State’s position on certain invasive species issues. Council resolutions are one method by which the HISC fulfills this mandate.
  • HISC Strategic Plan: The Council periodically updates its Strategic Plan to codify the ways in which its constituent agencies and funded partners work together to address invasive species prevention, control, outreach, and research. The Council adopted its first strategy document in 2008.
  • Species Management Plans: To effectively manage the wide variety of invasive species in Hawai‘i, the Council encourages the use of planning documents. The Council may direct HISC staff and working groups to produce species- or topic-specific plans, or the Council may support, review, and/or endorse plans produced by other organizations.
  • HISC Funded Research Reports: The HISC supports invasive species research on a variety of topics. Final reports and, where available, resulting peer-reviewed journal articles are archived on our website.