Glory Bush

 Glory bush (Tibouchina urvilleana)


Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment: 10 High Risk

Regulatory Status: Hawaii Noxious Weed List (HAR 68)

Prevention and Control Category: OISC Target Species

Report this species if seen on Oahu


Tibouchina species usually have fuzzy leaves with prominent veins and showy purple flowers. Tibouchina plants have been grown as ornamentals.


  • Tibouchina threatens native areas by forming monotypic thickets that outcompete and displace native plants.
  • Tibouchina longifolia has naturalized in native ohia forest on the Big Island. Tibouchina urvilleana and Tibouchina herbacea have infested areas of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
  • Tibouchina species belong to the family Melastomataceae, which includes Miconia calvescens and many other highly invasive plants.
  • Certain Tibouchina species are considered invasive in New Zealand and are excluded from French Polynesia.
  • All 350 plants in the genus Tibouchina have been declared noxious weeds by the State of Hawaii. It is illegal to sell or transport noxious weeds.


Kauai: Tibouchina urvilleana has naturalized in Kokee State Park and is still grown ornamentally.
Oahu: Currently Tibouchina is not known to occur in Oahu forests but many are still grown ornamentally. The Oahu Invasive Species Committee will remove your Tibouchina plant and replace it with a native plant for free. Call 286-4616 for information.
Maui: Certain species of Tibouchina have naturalized on Maui and become pests in native forests, crowding out endangered plant species.
Big Island: Certain species of Tibouchina have naturalized on the Big Island and become pests in native forests, crowding out endangered plant species

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