hiptageHiptage (Hiptage benghalensis)


Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment: 8 High Risk

Regulatory Status: None

Prevention and Control Category: BIISC EDRR Species

Report this species if seen on Hawaii Island


  • Climbing vine-like shrub with yellow and white flowers

  • Leaves are opposite and feel like leather

  • Native to India and Malaysia, purposely brought to the islands as an ornamental plant


  • Grows in dense thickets, smothering other plants

  • Winged fruits spread by wind

  • Can invade dry and moist areas from sea level to 3500 ft.


  • Kauai: Only known population is on the edge of Huleia Valley taking over an estimated 500 acres. Landowners are encouraged to control this plant wherever possible.hiptage3

  • Oahu: Found cultivated in gardens at the University of Hawaii campus, in Makiki Heights, Waikane and Lanikai. Several naturalized populations have been mapped from Manoa though the windward side. OISC is currently mapping hiptage and encouraging local control of populations, but is deemed too widespread for OISC to target.

  • Maui: None known

  • Molokai: Presence/absence unknown.

  • Lanai: Presence/absence unknown

  • Kahoolawe: None known

  • Big Island: Presence/absence unknown

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