Plume Poppy


plumepoppy1Plume poppy (Bocconia frutescens)


Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment: None

Regulatory Status: Hawaii Noxious Weed List (HAR 68)

Prevention and Control Category: None


  • Shrub to small (20 ft) tall tree

  • Native to Central and South America, introduced to Hawaii as an ornamental garden plant


  • Aggressive invader of dry forests. Forms dense stands that crowd out and compete with native plants, keeping them from growing

  • Each plant can produce thousands of seeds that are particularly attractive to birds, which spread them long distances.

  • Mechanical and chemical control of this species is difficult. Plants often resprout after control and persistence is required to completely control plume poppy.


  • Kauai: Not present. Please contact KISC if you see this plant on Kauai.

  • Oahu: Present, but not an OISC target. Landowners are encouraged to control this pest.

  • Maui: Serious invader in native dry and mesic forests of East Maui with dense infestations from Kula to Kahikinui. It is not believed to be controllable or eradicable on an island-wide basis. Landowners are asked to control where possible.

  • Molokai: None known.

  • Lanai: None known.

  • Kahoolawe: None known.

  • Big Island: Infestations in Wood Valley, Kau Forest Reserve, Honomalino and Manuka on the Big Island. BIISC has worked to control this plant in cooperation with landowners and community groups, but has no current funding to continue work. Please call 643-PEST if you see this plant, especially in the Honomalino area.

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