Smoke Bush


smokebush1Smoke bush (Buddleja madagascariensis)


Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment: 7 High Risk

Regulatory Status: None

Prevention and Control Category: BIISC Target Species.


  • Viney shrub with dense, sprawling habit

  • Clusters of small, orange, attractive, fragrant flowers

  • Gray-green leaves 3-5″ long

  • Seeds born in pulpy fruits on terminal clusters

  • Native to Madagascar, introduced to Hawaii as an ornamental plant


  • Aggressive invader of disturbed areas at mid to low elevations, including open range, stream beds, and gulches

  • Forms dense stands that crowd out and compete with native plants

  • Plant produces numerous fruit that are attractive to birds, which disperse the seeds.

  • Mechanical and chemical control of this species is difficult.


  • Kauai: Spreading in Kokee, encroaching on native ecosystems. On Kauai Landscaping Industry Council’s “Don’t Sell” list as part of the Landscapers’ Voluntary Codes of Conduct.

  • Oahu: Present, but only in few locations, including East Range, Mililani Mauka, on Army property. Monitored and targeted by Oahu Invasive Species Committee (OISC). Please report all sightings by calling 286-4616.

  • Maui: Serious invader in mid-elevation sites, especially Kula, and lowland moist to wet sites, such as near Puaa Kaa Wayside on the road to Hana

  • Molokai: None known

  • Lanai: None known

  • Kahoolawe: None known

  • Big Island: Infestations in Volcano. Targeted for control by the Big Island Invasive Species Committee (BIISC)

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