Bush Beardgrass

bushbeardgrassBush beardgrass (bushy bluestem)
(Andropogon glomeratus var. pumilus)


This OISC target pest was previously identified as Schizachyrium condensatum.


  • Tall grass to 2 m (6 ft) that grows in dense clumps
  • Produces large, broom-like tufted seed heads
  • Native to tropical and subtropical America, introduction history unknown.


  • Thick growth displaces native plants.
  • Grows along roadsides, in disturbed areas and in open sites in shrub land and grassland.
  • Each plant produces millions of seeds that are spread by the wind, animals, vehicles and people.
  • Dry grass promotes fires and quickly regrows after wildfires.
  • Drought tolerant, yet is able to flourish in wetter areas

In Hawaii:

  • Oahu: OISC currently works to control populations in Halawa Valley along the H-3.
  • Maui: None known
  • Molokai: None known
  • Lanai: None known
  • Kahoolawe: None known
  • Kauai: None known
  • Big Island: Well established in lower pastures of Kahuku unit of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kau District
  • Midway: First established in 1979 near the runway


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