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HISC Brown Bag Presentation Series #32
Presenters: Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng (UH-CTAHR) and Esther Riechert (HDOA)
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HISC Brown Bag 32- Hawaii Biopesticides

The Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Council (HISC) Brown Bag Presentation Series is designed to provide conservation professionals and stakeholders with the latest research, tools, and methods for controlling invasive species in Hawaiʻi. On March 20 from 12-1pm, you can learn about the challenges and successes of developing and testing biocontrol agents, as well as the potential benefits of using these agents to provide alternatives to traditional chemicals in pest control.

There is growing interest from the public in finding alternatives to chemical pesticides, and biopesticides are a popular organic alternative to these chemicals. Join Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng from the University of Hawaiʻi College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (UH-CTAHR) and Esther Riechert from the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Pesticides Branch for a talk on local biological control agents for pest control in Hawaiʻi. Dr. Cheng will discuss his research into biocontrol agents that can target specific pests and minimize the use of harmful chemicals. You’ll also learn about the challenges and successes of developing and testing these agents.

Esther Riechert, an expert in regulatory affairs, will discuss the regulatory framework for biopesticides in Hawaiʻi. You’ll learn about the evaluation process for biopesticides, including safety and efficacy testing, and how the HDOA ensures that biopesticides are used responsibly and in accordance with state and federal regulations.

The talk will be held on a Zoom webinar, and registration is required. You can register to attend online at

Additionally, there will be an in-person viewing party and Q&A with the presenters for DLNR staff at the DOFAW Conference Room in the Kalanimoku Building in Honolulu.

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