May 2nd – FY23 HISC Call for Proposals

Posted on Apr 7, 2022 in News

The FY23 HISC Call for Proposals and Application will be released on Monday, May 2nd at 8 am HST. The application link will be posted to the guidelines page.  Please read through the information below and follow the link to review the full application guidelines:


 The Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Council (HISC) provides interagency coordination and direction on invasive species issues in Hawaiʻi. Each year, the State Legislature provides funding through the HISC to support projects and programs that:

  • fill gaps between agency mandates and existing programs, and/or
  • advance our collective knowledge and tools through research and innovation.

The budgeting process for HISC funds includes several steps, including proposal submissions by applicants, evaluation by the HISC Resources Working Group which is comprised of staff representatives from each of the Council departments, preparation of a recommended budget, and review and approval by the voting Council members at a public meeting in August.

Applicants are asked to review the HISC & CGAPS 2025 Joint Strategy: In Support of the Hawaiʻi Interagency Biosecurity Plan before submitting proposals. Scoring is based primarily on a proposal’s ability to address the priorities listed below that reflect the strategies identified in the HISC/CGAPS 2025 Strategy:

  • Prevention & Early Detection/Rapid Response for New Terrestrial & Aquatic Invasions
  • Management of the Inter/Intra-Island Movement of Invasive Species (both aquatic  & terrestrial)
  • Implementation Large-Scale Control of Widespread, High-Impact Invasive Species (does not include biocontrol)
  • Increase Pacific Regional Biocontrol Research & Capacity (classical biocontrol only)
  • Maintain an Engaged & Supportive Community 

Register for the FY23 HISC Funding Process – Informational Webinar – May 4, 2022 at 12 pm HST.

HISC Support Staff will provide an informational webinar on the FY23 HISC Funding Process for prospective applicants. A recording of the webinar will be posted to this page.

Please be sure to read all the application guidelines before starting your application at this link:

You can access the online application at this link: LINK WILL BE POSTED 8 AM HST ON MONDAY, MAY 2nd

Proposal submissions are due June 3, 2022 at 5:00 pm HST.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proposal guidelines, please email HISC support staff: [email protected].