HISAM 2023 Invasive Species Heroes Awards

Posted on Mar 2, 2023 in News

HISAM 2023 Awardees

The Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Council has recently announced the awardees for the Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Awareness Month. These awards recognize individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication towards invasive species control and education in Hawaii.

The awardees of this year’s Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Awareness Month are:

  • Uloha, the Outstanding Business Leader, for their contribution to promoting and engaging the community about conservation and resource protection in their business practices.
  • Chef Hui (The Taʻape Project), the Greatest Hit awardee, for their efforts in removing the invasive taʻape fish from Hawaiian waters and promoting sustainable fishing practices.
  • Scott Snider, Terry Tolman, and Wally Ito, the Community Hero awardees, for their tireless work in raising awareness of and controlling invasive species in their respective communities.
  • David Okita owner/pilot Volcano Helicopters, the Hawaii Island MVP, for his outstanding contribution towards invasive species control and education on Hawaiʻi Island.
  • Timmy Paulokaleioku Bailey, the Maui Nui MVP, for his exceptional dedication to removing invasive species and the legions of conservation professionals he has trained over the last three decades.
  • Carol Kwan, the Oʻahu MVP, for her tireless work and her report (at a critical moment) that prevented the potential spread of one of the world’s worst invasive species…LFA.
  • Saa Ginlack, owner of Tamba Surf, the Kauaʻi MVP, spearheaded an effort that by the time it was done had raised $6,000 to help save Hawaiiʻs state endemic tree, ʻōhiʻa, from Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death.

The Hawaii Invasive Species Council and the entire invasive species community in Hawaiʻi congratulate the awardees for their exceptional work and dedication towards invasive species control and education. They serve as an inspiration to others to join the fight against invasive species and protect Hawaii’s unique biodiversity.

These awardees will be recognized during a Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Awareness Month (HISAM) Closing Ceremony hosted by Senator Gabbard’s office on March 3rd. This Ceremony is dedicated to recognizing our 2023 HISAM Awardees from across the State and presenting the certificates of recognition.

You can find videos linked below that detail the significant contributions that each of these awardees have made in their communities.