Student Videos for Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness Week!

Posted on Feb 26, 2016 in News, slider

High school students from across Hawaii answered a call for submissions to a video contest from the Hawaii Invasive Species Council and the Oahu Invasive Species Committee (OISC). The students created public service announcements on the theme: How do invasive species affect you?

We received 11 great submissions from aspiring videographers and conservationists, and their videos are presented below. Videos were scored on their creativity and their presentation of information about invasive species impacts. OISC is providing prizes to the top three videos in the form of app store gift cards to be used to purchase video editing software to help these students continue to grow their ability to communicate powerful messages through video. You can view the videos below, or in a playlist on our YouTube channel. Mahalo to all of the students who submitted videos! 

1st place: “Protecting Our Water,” by Jaysen Giroux, Meilani Nelson, Cai Noel, Naomi Rubon, and Kaimana Idica of Maui

2nd Place: “Changing Our Islands Forever,” by Kayla Oshita, Naia Litman, Seana Lanias, and Danica Brown of Maui.

3rd Place: “Stop Bugging Me,” by Caleb Soo Hoo of Baldwin High School, Maui.

More great videos! (in no particular order)

“Stop the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle,” by Nicole Popp of Mid Pacific Institute, Oahu

“Bob,” by Kathy Shigemura’s students at Kalaheo High School, Oahu

“We Aren’t the Only Ones that Need to Live,” by Whitney Shiroma

“Show Aloha and Respect to the Environment,” by Brient Hutchinson, Waipahu High School, Oahu

“Invasives in Your Yard,” by Rimington Hew, Kalani High School, Oahu

“Jackson’s Chameleons,” by Kathy Shigemura’s students at Kalaheo High School, Oahu

“Mosquitoes and Disease,” by Kathy Shigemura, Kiani Tesia, and Alicia Malia of Kalaheo High School, Oahu.

“Human Impacts,” by Hayley Ikeda, Kalaheo High School, Oahu