HISC Brown Bag #1: PILN Meeting 2016

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in brownbag, News, slider

hisc-brown-bag-subtitleThe Hawaii Invasive Species Council is proud to announce a new, ongoing series of informal lunchtime presentations to facilitate information sharing regarding invasive species. This series aims to provide a forum for updates from HISC partner agencies, presentations about the achievements made by HISC-funded projects, or updates from the HISC Support Program. The HISC Brownbag Series will be hosted online via WebEx so that interested parties can join in from across the state. 

The first two HISC Brownbag presentations will be given by HISC Support Program staff, after which we are looking for volunteers from HISC agencies or HISC-funded projects to present and share their work:

HISC Brown Bag #1 

Title: 4th Annual Pacific Invasives learning Network Meeting;Hawaii Invasive Species Council Brownbag Series: no. 1

Presenter: HISC Planner, John-Carl Watson

Summary: 18 countries from throughout the Pacific region got together in Samoa to for the 4th Annual PILN meeting. The meeting included the launch of three new tools for Pacific Invasive Battlers, individual country, scenario oriented workshops, and field trips to local conservation areas.

Powerpoint: HISC Brown Bag 1: Pacific Invasives Learning Network

New Tools include:

  • Battler Resource Base
    • Searchable knowledge resource database
  • Pacific Invasive Ant Toolkit www.piat.org/nz
  • Pacific Invasive Species Battler Series
    • How-to guides for practical action


Country Updates: A representative from each attending country gave a brief update on their local priorities, management strategies, challenges, successes, skills, or techniques.

  • Samoa – Forest Resilience
  • American Samoa – Ants, invasive trees, myna bird
  • Fiji – Eradication and biosecurity
  • French Polynesia – Invasive plant control, LFA
  • Kiribati – Myna eradication, yellow crazy ant control
  • Hawaii – Albizia management
  • Kosrae – Rainbow termite and other IS
  • Marshall Islands – IS control efforts
  • New Caledonia – Deer control
  • Niue – Feral Pig control
  • Solomon Islands – African Snail, CRB
  • Tokelau – IS in Tokelau
  • Tonga – Rodent
  • Vanuatu – LFA and biocontrol
  • Wallis Fortuna – Albizia management
  • Federated States of Micronesia – IS efforts in Yap