Jan 2019 Progress Report Released for the Hawaii Interagency Biosecurity Plan

Posted on Jan 22, 2019 in News, Press release, slider

The Hawaii Invasive Species Council has released the January 2019 Progress Report for the Hawaii Interagency Biosecurity Plan (HIBP). This report is produced using status updates from points of contacts at each of the lead agencies assigned action items in the HIBP. Every six months, these points of contact update the status of each of the 147 action items in the plan, noting whether items are completed, ongoing, in progress (working toward eventual completion), not yet started, or in need of re-evaluation. For legislative actions that require new funding, new civil service positions, or statutory policy changes, statuses are logged as approved, introduced but not yet passed, or not yet introduced.

As of January 2019, 25% of the items in the HIBP were completed or ongoing, 25% were in progress, and 50% were not yet started. The 10 year implementation window (2017-2027) of the HIBP is now 20% complete.

Full details are available in the January 2019 Progress Report.