New Paper – Insect and weed biological control in Hawaii

Posted on Feb 13, 2023 in News

New Biocontrol paper

New paper – summary of biological control in Hawaii 

We are excited to announce that our HISC support staff colleague, Leyla Kaufman, is a co-author on a new paper that summarizes insect and weed biological control in Hawaii. The paper highlights recent successes in the state, discusses the perceptions of biocontrol, and emphasizes the importance of a multi-agency biocontrol research facility.

The paper, entitled “Insect and Weed Biological Control in Hawaii: Recent Case Studies and Trends,” is available for access until May 3, 2023.

Not familiar with the concept of biological control? Our HISC Biocontrol Hawaii overview page and the video below provides an introduction to what modern biocontrol is and the crucial role it plays in managing invasive species in Hawaii

Why Do We Need Biocontrol in Hawaii? from Hyperspective on Vimeo.