FY17 Preproposals

June 2016 Update: Efforts to increase funding to the HISC in FY17 were not approved during the 2016 Legislative Session. Preproposal information has been archived below for educational purposes.


In preparation for the 2016 Legislature, HISC staff asked invasive species experts in Hawaii to prepare pre-proposals for what could be achieved in FY17. HISC received 48 pre-proposals describing $10M in interagency projects. The projects below are non-binding: actual HISC expenditures in FY17 depend on the amount of funding provided by the State Legislature. Individual pre-proposals are listed below.


Prevention Pre-Proposals:

Dept Division Project Title Request
Bishop Museum HBS Pest research to update HDOA Import Regulations $28,500
DLNR DAR Ballast Water & Hull Fouling Coordinator $80,000
UH ISCs-KISC Kaua‘i Mongoose Detector Dog $61,239
UH WRA Hawaii-Pacific Weed Risk Assessment $160,134

Outreach Pre-Proposals:

Dept Division Project Title Request
HISC HISC Statewide Outreach Coordinator $100,000
HISC HISC HISC-funded project data reporting & GIS system $50,000
HISC HISC Statewide outreach campaign $50,000
UH CGAPS CGAPS Support $101,500
UH COP Rat lungworm disease outreach $512,064
UH HBIN Invasive species web services and online pest reporting form $100,000
UH ISCs-BIISC BIISC Outreach $255,779
UH ISCs-KISC KISC Outreach $85,000
UH ISCs-MISC Maui Outreach $117,241
UH ISCs-OISC O‘ahu Outreach $122,909

Research Pre-Proposals:

Dept Division Project Title Request
DLNR DOFAW Coordinated Response to Rapid ‘ōhi‘a Death $668,170
UH COP Rat lungworm disease research $107,000
UH CTAHR Area-wide Miconia Management Strategy for East Maui $747,500
UH CTAHR Identifying insect vectors of Rapid ‘ōhi‘a Death $144,295
UH CTAHR Evaluate fungal metabolites for basil downy mildew $43,038
UH CTAHR Biocontrol and chemical control of oriental flower beetle $40,000
UH CTAHR Mosquito distribution survey on Maui $39,600
UH CTAHR Economic Model for Invasive Species $169,740
UH ISCs UAV Capacity for plant surveys $170,940
UH ISCs-OISC Weed ID Services at Bishop Museum $60,039
UH WPs-MKWA Determining vectors of Rapid ‘ōhi‘a Death $130,000
USDA USFS Evaluating Albizia biocontrol (exploration) $214,000
USDA USFS Biocontrol of Rubus species $120,000
USDA USFS New biocontrol (gall wasp) for miconia and clidemia $117,000
USDA USFS Biocontrol of Himalayan ginger $100,000
USDA USFS Biocontrol of Morella faya (exploration) $37,500

Control Pre-Proposals:

Dept Division Project Title Request
DLNR DAR DAR Expansion and Outreach $20,000
DLNR DOFAW Australian Tree Fern control in east Maui $40,000
UH HAL Invasive ant prevention, response and management $300,342
UH ISCs-BIISC BIISC Rapid Response $426,524
UH ISCs-BIISC BIISC Early Detection $221,558
UH ISCs-KISC Preventing establishment on Kaua‘i $724,900
UH ISCs-MISC Maui Detection and Control $942,863
UH ISCs-MISC Enhanced Control of Coqui frogs in Māliko gulch $540,896
UH ISCs-MISC Capacity for Miconia Core Control $192,693
UH ISCs-OISC Oahu Weed Control $718,486
UH ISCs-OISC Control of Vertebrate/Invertebrate Spp $113,270
UH UHM Shade suppression of Koa Haole $12,100
UH WPs-KMWP Tea tree and serpent tree surveys $56,350
UH WPs-LHWRP Incipient species on Leeward Haleakalā $156,349
UH WPs-WMMWP Albizia control in Wailuku $60,999
USDA USFS Release and monitoring of biocontrol for tibouchina $68,000