Pu‘u Ali‘i

Pu‘u Ali‘i

Image of Puu Alii Mountains

Acres: 1,330
Established: 11/16/85
TMK: 6-1-1-2

A representative portion of the Moloka‘i summit, Pu‘u Ali‘i is located in the mountains of northern Moloka‘i between Pelekunu and Waikolu valleys. It is a wet summit plateau inhabited by wet forests, mixed fern and shrub montane cliff communities, and wet shrublands, and Hawaiian intermittent stream communities. Pu‘u Ali‘i reserve is an important part of the Moloka‘iwatershed and contains forest bird habitat.

Natural Communities: 8 total, none rare
Native Plants: 157 total taxa, 37 rare
Native Animals: 10 total taxa, 7 rare

Plants & Anmials



Haha (Cyanea procera)


Hesperomannia arborescens


Phyllostegia mannii


Phyllostegia mollis


Stenogyne bifida


*Images provided by the Hawaiian Native Plant website through the Department of Botany, University of Hawai‘i.


Hesperomannia arborescens


Phyllostegia mollis (No common name)


Stenogyne bifida (No common name)

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