Legacy Land Conservation Program

The application period for grants from the FY22 Land Conservation Fund is scheduled to open in January 2020.

Please visit the “How to Apply” page for future updates and details about the application process.

Funding to acquire land  and protect valuable resources for public benefit

Despite the regulation of land use and development in Hawai‘i, lands that hold important resource values are often unprotected, inaccessible, and threatened with damage and destruction. 

The Legacy Land Conservation Program provides grants to community organizations and government agencies that strive to purchase and protect land that shelters exceptional, unique, threatened, and endangered resources.

About the Legacy Land Conservation Program

The State of Hawai‘i dedicates a portion of its annual revenue from real estate conveyance taxes to the Land Conservation Fund.  Each year the State Legislature provides the Legacy Land Conservation Program with some of the money held in the Fund.  The Legacy Land Conservation Program distributes this money through a competitive grants process–for purchasing land and conservation easements and for paying the debt service on state financial instruments (such as bonds)–for the protection of the following resources:

Legacy Land_Resources protected

State agencies, counties, and nonprofit land conservation organizations may apply for grants from the Land Conservation Fund.  County and nonprofit awardees must provide matching funds that cover at least 25% of total transaction costs.

A grant award from the Land Conservation Fund is subject to several levels of approval, the availability of funds, and  budget restrictions and procedures implemented under the Governor’s Executive Biennium Budget Instructions.