The DLNR DOFAW Wildlife Program is responsible for managing public wildlife resources in Hawaiʻi. The work of this program includes protection and recovery of native birds, mitigating impacts of invasive species, and managing a recreational hunting program. Users interested in aquatic wildlife may also wish to visit the DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources. The links below are designed to help users find information related to Hawaiʻi’s wildlife and wildlife management programs.

Hawaiʻi’s Wildlife

An image of an iʻiwi linking to a page on Hawaiʻi's Native Birds
An image of an ʻapapane linking to a page on Wildlife Projects
An image of a Hawaiʻi Island landscape linking to a page on Hunting
An image of a tree snail linking to pages leading to info on native snails and invertebrates


Protecting At-Risk Species

An image of an 'Akiapola'au linking to a page on the State Wildlife Action Plan
An image of an ʻaukuʻu linking to a page on Wildlife Sanctuaries
An image of an ʻakepa linking to information on the Endangered Species Recovery Committee
An image of aeʻo linking to a page on Habitat Conservation Plans