The Forestry Program at the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife is responsible for management forest resources and products. Much of this work is guided by the statewide Forest Action Plan: a document including an assessment of statewide forest conditions and trends, a report on all forest land ownership —state, private, and federal, and an evolving management plan for Hawaii’s forests. The plan identifies nine priority areas for Hawaii’s forests that include: forest health, invasive species, insects and disease; wildfire; urban and community forestry; climate change and sea level rise; conservation of native biodiversity; hunting, nature-based recreation, and tourism; forest products and carbon sequestration; and U.S. tropical island state and territorial issues. Much of the work accomplished by the DOFAW Forestry Program occurs under the major program areas below.

Hawaiʻi’s Forest Reserve System

The Forest Reserve System was created in 1903 to enhance important forested mauka lands for their abundance of public benefits and values. The links below provide an overview of the system, links to explore information on individual reserves, information on permits needed to conduct certain activities within reserves, and a collection of completed Forest Reserve management plans.

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Management Plans


Landowner Assistance Programs

DOFAW manages a number of programs that are designed to assist residents and landowners, with the goal of better managing natural resources through collaboration. The programs below are those most closely related to forest management. Visit our landowner assistance programs page for a full list of programs across our division, including Watershed Partnerships, Legacy Land Conservation Programs, and more. 

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Forestry Projects

In addition to managing the Forest Reserve System and the Landowner Assistance Programs above, the Forestry Program manages a number of projects designed to help protect Hawaiʻi’s forests and encourage responsible forestry. These efforts are guided by the Forest Action Plan.

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Logo of the Hawaiʻi Wood Utilization Team

Individuals interested in the Hawaiʻi Wood Utilization Team may also wish to read the 2017 Wood Utilization Survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide a knowledge base on the most pertinent market opportunities and obstacles in Hawai‘i’s wood products market, as well as priorities for the Hawai‘i Wood Innovations Steering Committee’s work.

Hawaiʻi’s Forestry Program maintains a Joint Forestry effort with partners at a national level for coordinated, interagency delivery of forestry-related conservation assistance to privately managed lands.