An image of an ʻaukuʻu

The State Wildlife Sanctuary program aims to restore habitat and provide protection to nesting sanctuaries as part of a comprehensive plan to aid in the recovery of endemic Hawaiian wildlife. Urbanization, invasive species, and instability of watersheds are major drivers in habitat degradation over the past 100 years in Hawaiʻi. Habitat loss contributed to the displacement of many native species endemic to Hawaiʻi, leading to a critical reduction in their populations. Information on Hawaiʻi’s Wildlife Sanctuaries is below where available.

Some of the Wildlife Sanctuaries managed for bird habitat protection are important wetland ecosystems. Learn more about wetlands in Hawaiʻi.

This page and the information on individual sanctuaries is under development

Northwest Hawaiian Islands

  • Kure Atoll



  • Paiko Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kawainui Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hāmākua Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pouhala Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Oʻahu Offshore Islet Seabird Sanctuaries
    • Kaohikaipu Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Manana Island Seabird Sanctuary
    • Mokulua Islets Seabird Sanctuary
    • Popoia Seabird Sanctuary (aka Flat Island)
    • Mokulea Rock Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Moku Manu Islets Seabird Sanctuary
    • Mokuaeae Seabird Sanctuary
    • Kapapa Island Seabird Sanctuary
    • Mokualai Islet
    • Kukuihoolua Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Pulemoku Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Mokuauia Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Kihewamoku Islet Seabird Sanctuary

Maui Nui

  • Molokaʻi Offshore Islet Seabird Sanctuaries
  • Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pauwalu Point WS
  • Maui Offshore Islet Seabird Sanctuaries
    • Molokini Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Alau Island Seabird Sanctuary
    • Mokeehia islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Papanui o Kane Islet Seabird Sanctuary

Hawaiʻi Island

  • Puʻu Waʻawaʻa Forest Bird Sanctuary
  • Keahou Cooperative Nene Sanctuary 
  • Kipuka Ainahou Nene Sanctuary
  • Hawaiʻi Island Offshore Islet Seabird Sanctuaries
    • Mokupuku Islet Seabird Sanctuary
    • Paokalani Islet Seabird Sanctuary 
    • Keaoi Islet Seabird Sanctuary