Natural Area Partnership Program

Natural Area Partnership Program

About the NAPP

Hawaii’s native species and natural communities do not recognize property lines, and for the State to comprehensively protect them, a program was needed to encourage the management of private lands that contain some of Hawaii’s most intact ecosystems and endangered species. The Natural Area Partnership Program was established by the Legislature in 1991 to provide state funds on a two-for-one basis with private funds for the management of private lands that are dedicated to conservation. With over 25,000 acres enrolled, this innovative program complements the protection efforts on state lands – a partnership essential for the success of conservation in Hawaiʻi.


For details on each area, visit our Natural Area Partnership page. If you  are interested in becoming Natural Area Partner, read our guidelines and eligibility information.



What Type of Lands Does the NAPP Protect?

Lands and waters that might qualify include areas with intact native Hawaiian ecosystems.

This program can support a full range of management activities to protect, restore or enhance significant native resources or geological features. The program can help provide funding for the development of long-range management plans.

The NAPP requires that the land be protected from development by a conservation easement. 

The Natural Areas Partnership Program is established by Hawaiʻi Revised Statute 195-6.5.