Native Species Backgrounds for Phones, Desktops, and Meetings

Native Species Backgrounds for Phones, Desktops, and Meetings

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Add our native species backgrounds to your phone, computer desktop, or virtual meetings and bring the feeling of being in nature with you wherever you go. To download any of the images below:

  • On a computer, right/control-click and save the image to your computer.
  • On a mobile device, tap on the image you’d like to open it. Your device browser should have a download or share button (a square with an arrow coming out of it) that you can tap to save the image to your device. You should be able to set your device’s wallpaper either from your photo application or from the device settings.

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Tablet, computer, and virtual meeting backgrounds

Hawaii forest phone wallpapers


Wallpapers & Backgrounds for Year of the Kāhuli


Backgrounds for Tablets, Computers, and Virtual Meetings

Hawaiʻi birds, plants, insects wallpaper Nēnē wallpaper ʻIʻiwi background
Apapane wallpaper Palila wallpaper ʻAlalā background
Kiwikiu background ʻAkikiki background ʻAkekeʻe background
ʻĀkohekohe background Pueo background Manu o Kū background
Pulelehua Background Happy faced spider background A pinapinao damselfly background
A kāhuli tree snail background image Koa background Hāpuʻu background
ʻŌhiʻa background ʻAlae ula background ʻAukuʻu background


Phone Wallpapers

Hawaii forest collage ʻĀkohekohe wallpaper ʻAkekeʻe wallpaper ʻAkikiki wallpaper
ʻAlalā wallpaper Kiwikiu wallpaper ʻIʻiwi wallpaper Palila wallpaper
Manu o Kū wallpaper ʻApapane wallpaper Nene wallpaper Pueo wallpaper
Kāhuli tree snail wallpaper Pulelehua Kamehameha Butterly wallpaper Nananana Makakiʻi Happy Faced Spider wallpaper Hāpuʻu wallpaper
ʻŌhiʻa lehua wallpaper Koa wallpaper ʻAlae ʻula wallpaper ʻAukuʻu heron wallpaper