Native Species Backgrounds for Phones, Desktops, and Meetings

An image of a mountain skyline with graphics of computers and a phone with native species background art, reading Backgrounds: Bring Hawaiʻi's native species into your digital lifestyle

When you can’t experience the forest in person, try connecting with Hawai‘i’s native species by bringing them into your digital lifestyle. With downloadable backgrounds, you can decorate your smartphone or your computer desktop. With our virtual meeting backgrounds you can invite a pueo or a hapu‘u fern to join you on your next video conference call.

To download any of the images below:

  • On a computer, click on the image you’d like to open it. Right/control click and save it to your computer.
    • For desktop wallpapers, add the image to whatever photo management application you use and set it as a desktop wallpaper in either your photo application or in your systems settings.
    • For virtual meeting backgrounds, open your meeting application and find the options for background settings and see if there is an option to add a background image.
  • On a mobile device, tap on the image you’d like to open it. Your device browser should have a download or share button (a square with an arrow coming out of it) that you can tap to save the image to your device. You should be able to set your device’s wallpaper either from your photo application or from the device settings.



Phone Wallpapers



Desktop Wallpapers


Virtual Meeting Backgrounds