In the mood to watch something educational? Video can be a great way to learn about Hawai‘i’s unique natural resources, and to see people and places that you might otherwise not have a chance to see. Our videos are organized into categories below so you can find what interests you. Much of the video content here is produced by the DLNR Communications Office. Partner content is labeled as such, and videos are embedded from their original host site.





Outdoor Documentaries by DLNR & Friends

The videos below were either produced by DLNR, or with funding or staffing support from DLNR. 

Forests sustain and enrich our lives in many ways. DLNR DOFAW explores some of the ways that forests support our communities, through the production of water, wood, & habitats for our native species. (1hr)

This Emmy-Award-winning film from CGAPS & Club Sullivan explores the importance of ‘ōhi‘a and how partners are fighting back against the fungus known as Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death. (30m)

Jason Scott Lee sets out on a journey to learn about sustainable life in our island home. He learns about Hawaii’s fragile fresh water supply and discovers connections to our upland forest environment. (28m)

Journey to Lehua Island off the west coast of Kaua‘i, where partners work to remove invasive rats in order to create a safe haven for native birds. (30m)

Hawai‘i is home to a number of endangered forest birds found nowhere else on the planet. Journey to mauka habitats to meet some of these special species. (30m)




Hawai‘i’s Native Birds




Hawai‘i’s Native Insects & Snails




Invasive Species




Oral Histories

This is a new content area that we intend to expand soon. Check back later for more oral histories.




Who works at DLNR DOFAW, and why do they choose to work here? Our staff are just like you: they’re people who care about Hawai‘i and are trying to help maintain and enhance the natural resources that make Hawai‘i a special place. If you’re interested in interning or working at DLNR DOFAW, or you’re just curious about what we do, watch the videos below to meet some our staff, hear about their work, why they do it, and their advice to anyone considering working in this field.

Emma Yuen, Statewide Program Manager, Native Ecosystems Protection & Management

Tiana Bolosan, Wildlife Biologist, O‘ahu Offshore Islands

Nick Vargas, O‘ahu Game Biologist

Jared Char, O‘ahu Natural Area Reserves Specialist

Pua Heimuli, O‘ahu Outreach Associate




Student Videos

DOFAW is a proud supporter of ‘Ōlelo Community Media’s Youth XChange video contest, and has sponsored a video submission category called “Forest Inspired.” This category encourages elementary, intermediate, and high school students to consider ways Hawai‘i’s forests inspire or support them, or they can create a message around a forest issue that they feel is important. Links below will take you to ‘Ōlelo’s media player. In 2018 the videos were separated by age group. The link below will display high school entries for 2018; videos for intermediate and elementary groups are posted separately.