image of tree with mountain and ocean backdropAcres: 1,514  
Established: 1991
TMK: 2-1-002:002-0000, 2-1-003:054-0000, 2-1-003:050

Kanaio NAR is located in rough lava terrain on the southeast slope of Haleakal. The reserve protects a remnant of the native dryland forest that once covered the Leeward slope of Haleakala. Kanaio protects a rich assemblage of native dryland trees and shrubs.

Plants and Anmials



Cenchrus agrimonioides var. agrimonioides (Endangered)

Manduca blackburni (Blackburn’s Sphinx moth) (Endangered)

Polyscias sandwicensis (Species of Concern)


Capparis sandwichiana (Species of Concern)


Bonamia menziesii (Endangered)


Acacia koaia (Species of Concern)


Vigna o-wahuensis (Endangered)


Alphitonia ponderosa (Species of Concern)


Melicope hawaiensis (Species of Concern)


Santalum haleakalae var. lanaiense (Endangered)


Sideroxylon polynesicum (Species of Concern)


Nothocestrum latifolium (Endangered)


Plans & Projects

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