Pia Natural Area Reserve

Pia Natural Area Reserve

Acres: 300

Established: February 3, 2022

Pia Natural Area Reserve (NAR) is located in the southern Koʻolau Mountains and is the closest Natural Area Reserve to urban Honolulu.

The southern Koʻolau mountains in general possess a unique mesic forest type, high in biodiversity of plants and animals. Pockets of intact native forest dominated by lama, ʻōhiʻa, ʻiliahi, and halapepe. Two species of rare tree snails and Cyrtandra gracilis, a white-flowered shrub, are only known to occur in Pia Valley. Twenty-nine rare species of plants and wildlife are found in the unique Pia forest, including the curious ʻelepaio bird. 

Pia was donated to the DLNR by landowner Patricia Godfrey. “This small native forest, found directly above an East Oʻahu neighborhood, is part of a larger watershed that we must protect,” she said. “I hope everyone will stand up for these amazing lands so near to our backyards and contribute to protecting Hawaiʻi’s native plants and animals from extinction.”  

We’d like to thank Patricia Godfrey and her ʻohana for their generous donation of the portion of the valley to DLNR.

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