Waihou Spring Forest Reserve

Waihou Spring Forest Reserve

Waihou Spring Forest Reserve was established by Governor’s Proclamation in 1909 for the purpose of protecting the sources of Waihou Spring, one of the few perennial springs on the west slope of Haleakalā.  At approximately 186 acres, Waihou Spring Forest Reserve is relatively small but is a popular day-use area.

Waihou Spring Forest Reserve Management Plan, September 2010


waihou2Waihou Spring Forest Reserve is close to residential neighborhoods and has a well-used hiking trail.  Most of the Reserve has been planted with an assortment of timber species over the years, reforesting an area that was previously weedy grazing land.


waihou3DOFAW’s current management objectives for Waihou Spring Forest Reserve include preserving the watershed, controlling target weed species, maintaining trails, and removing fallen trees to manage fire fuel loads.


waihou4Waihou Spring Forest Reserve is an easily accessible and popular day use area.  The Forest Reserve can be reached from Olinda Road or Pi‘iholo Road; parking is available outside the gate off Olinda Road.  The Forest Reserve and parking area are open only during daylight hours.  Na Ala Hele State of Hawai‘i Trail and Access Program maintains one trail in the forest reserve: the Waihou Spring Trail, which follows the old Waihou Spring Forest Reserve tree plantation road and descends southward to the gulch below.