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Hunting in Hawai‘i requires a hunting license, whether you hunt on public or private land. To purchase a Hawai‘i Hunting License, you must possess one of the following documents:

You can purchase a hunting license if you have one of these documents. A current-year Hawai‘i Wildlife Conservation Stamp is also required to hunt. The stamp must be affixed to their hunting license in the space provided. A game bird stamp is also required for game bird hunting. If you are a disabled hunter, please review the vehicle permit application and the cross-bow permit application. Please allow sufficient processing time for the vehicle and cross-bow permit applications, as these documents are signed and approved by the Division of Forestry and Wildlife administrator. If you are a nonimmigrant alien and wish to import firearms and ammunition into the United States temporarily, please read these FAQs by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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Species & Regulations

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Hunting Across Hawaiʻi

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How Hunting Relates to Lands Managed by Forestry & Wildlife

Explore the map below to see which lands managed by Forestry and Wildlife are also designated as Public Hunting Areas or Game Management Areas. Note that this map shows the area boundaries as reflected in the 2015 administrative rules. For recent boundary changes (additions and removals) contact the Forestry & Wildlife district office near you.