Activities: Crafts, Games, Coloring Books, & More

Activities: Crafts, Games, Coloring Books, & More

Activities and crafts

Hawaiʻi’s native birds, animals and plants are fascinating. Artwork, crafts, and games can help you connect with nature.

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Holiday Crafts Finger Puppets Masks & Headbands
More Paper Crafts Coloring Books & Sheets ʻŌhiʻa for Our Future Board Game


Holiday Crafts

Mele Kāhuli Kalikimaka Ornament

Holiday ornament: Mele Kāhuli Kalikimaka

Build your own ʻōhiʻa and kāhuli wreathʻŌhiʻa & kāhuli wreath activity Native Bird Holiday Ornament 
ʻElepaio Ornament

KFBRP ʻIʻiwi Ornament

ʻIʻiwi Holiday Ornament from Kauaʻi Forest Bird Recovery Project

Manu decorationsHow-to video: Manu ornaments

A video thumbnail for making wreaths with local plantsGet a collection permit & make a wreath (click for video) Video Thumbnail for Holiday Seed Paper OrnamentsHoliday Seed Paper Ornaments

An image of an Ohia Love OrnamentʻŌhiʻa Love Ornament


Finger Puppets

Akepa Finger Puppet  (English) | ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Akiapōlā’au Finger Puppet (English) | ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi ‘I’iwi Finger Puppet (English) | ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi 
‘Amakihi Finger Puppet (English) | ‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi ‘Alalā Finger Puppet ‘Elepaio Finger Puppet
‘Ō’hiā Finger Puppet ‘O’opu Alamo’o Finger Puppet ‘Ōpae’ula Finger Puppet
Pinao’ula Finger Puppet  Pinao’ula Finger Puppet (Wings Only / Body Only) Pulelehua Finger Puppet


Masks and Headbands

‘I’iwi Mask
‘Alalā Mask ‘Elepaio Mask
‘Elepaio Mask (No Color) ʻIo MaskʻIo Mask   Kāhuli Headband (Color)
Lehua Crown Pinao’ula Headband Yellow-faced Bee Headband


More Paper Crafts

Cloud Catcher Activity  ‘Elepaio Ornament Craft  Let’s Swim Ōpai’ula! Activity
 ‘Elepaio Song  Fold a Box Mini Project Forest Fairy Paper Doll Craft
Little Lehua Paper Doll Craft Happy Face Spider Color Traceable ‘Io Flier 
Native Bird 
Holiday Ornament
Wēkiu Bug Life Cycle Craft     Build a Lehua Playdoh Sheet


Coloring Books & Sheets

  Forest Jewels of Hawai’i Coloring Book Hawaiian Endangered Animals Coloring Book Koa Bug Life Cycle Coloring Sheet
‘Ōhi’a Love Coloring Sheet Pinao’ula Postcard Pu’u Koa Postcard
ROD Postcard Wēkiu Bug Postcard An image of a wildlife coloring book linking to a page with educational resources about wildlifeHawaiʻi Wildfire Management Organization Coloring Books & Activity Guides


‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future Board Game

‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future
Board Game
‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future
Board Game Pieces
‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future
Board Game Cards