Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

Our Virtual Field Trip Program brings Hawaiʻi’s natural resources to you, wherever you are. Our virtual field trips use 360˚ photos, videos, and interviews to provide an exploratory, educational experience. Explore inside 360˚ photos to find clickable hotspots with educational information and links to further learning. We design our field trips with classrooms in mind: teachers can project the field trip on a large screen and guide their students through the field trip all at once, or let individual students explore the field trip on their own devices and at their own pace. You can even use our Kuula field trips with a VR headset to feel like you’re really there (note: educational hotspots are disabled in VR mode).

New: As part of our celebrations for Makahiki o Nā Manu Nahele (Year of the Forest Birds), we invite you on a virtual field trip of Keauhou Bird Conservation Center, located on Hawaiʻi Island. Explore this center to see how scientists protect Hawaiʻi’s rarest birds: ʻakikiki, ʻakekeʻe, palila, ʻalalā, and kiwikiu. Meet the birds, go inside the aviaries, and learn about the equipment scientists use to keep these birds healthy until they can be released back into our forests.

After your virtual field trip, visit our Makahiki o Nā Manu Nahele page for free stickers, activities, events, bird merch, and more!

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