Kaulunani Grant Program Requirement

Kaulunani Grant Program Requirement

HCC_native_greenhouseEligible Applicants:  Any non-Federal organization, operating within Hawai‘i may apply for a Kaulunani Urban Forestry Grant.

Maximum Award:  Ordinarily requests between $500- $14,999 will be considered. The Kaulunani Council may consider larger amounts for special funding opportunities. See table for more information. Grants are awarded pending availability of federal funds.

Matching Requirements:  The Kaulunani amount requested must be at least equally matched with non-federal funds. This match may include in-kind donations, volunteer assistance, and private or public (non-federal) monetary contributions. All matching funds must be specifically related to the proposed project. The source of matching funds must be identified.

KonaHospitalAdministration:  A project is first reviewed and selected by committee. The Kaulunani Council then approves and determines funding. The Division of Forestry and Wildlife awards the Kaulunani Urban Forestry Grant, which is subject to the appropriate state and federal rules, regulations and reporting requirements. Costs incurred in excess of the grant amount requested will not be covered, nor will the costs of work started or materials purchased prior to the effective date of the grant contract.

Program Standards:  Projects must have the support and involvement of community groups (such as local government, local volunteer organizations, business industry, etc.).

Grant Timeline:  Grantees will be given one year to complete their project. The grant period begins when acceptance award letters are executed. If there is no attempt to complete the project after one year, no extensions or payments will be made. Grantees are required to maintain tree planting projects for a minimum of five years.

How often:  Generally, applicants may submit one grant request per year.

Deadlines:  The postmarked due dates are March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and December 15th. Approval generally takes two months.

Inquiries:  All questions regarding the program shall be directed to the Kaulunani Program Coordinator, Jolie Wanger at (808) 395-7765.