Landowner Assistance Programs

There are many landowner assistance programs available in Hawaiʻi for landowners willing to protect their forest, wildlife & watershed resources. Below is a summary of a few key programs offered through the Division of Forestry and Wildlife.

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Forest Stewardship:  provides technical and financial assistance to owners of nonindustrial private forest land. The purpose of this program is to assist non-industrial private forest landowners to more actively manage their forest and related resources, and to increase the economic and environmental benefits of these lands. (Cost-Share is 50/50; assistance averages >$10,000/year for 10 yrs). Contact Malia Nanbara (808) 587-4176

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program:  Restores degraded agricultural lands to native forest communities. The program will improve wildlife habitat, improve water quality and quantity, reduce and control invasive species, enhance coral reef habitat, and reduce sedimentation and nutrient runoff. (Various payments, contract for 15 yrs). Contact Malia Nanbara (808) 587-4176

Forest Legacy:  Protects private forestlands from being converted to non-forest uses. This program provides willing private landowners the opportunity to sell fee simple property, or conservation easement use-rights on their land to the State of Hawaiʻi for the purpose of preserving or restoring uniquely forested areas. (Cost-Share 75/25) Contact Irene Sprecher (808) 587-4167

Community Forest Program: Offers matching funds to local governments and nonprofit conservation organizations for fee title acquisition of forests. Forests purchased through this program are owned by local governments and/or non-profit land conservation groups and are managed to provide public benefits including access and recreation, watershed protection, wildlife habitat, as well as economic benefits from timber and non-timber products. (Cost-Share 50/50) Contact Tanya Rubenstein (808) 587-0027 

Kaulunani:  Focuses on improving the health and viability of trees in Hawai‘i communities through educational programs; financial support in the form of cost-share grants; technical training; Arbor Day promotions and public/private partnerships. Funding comes from the State and Private Forestry Branch of the USDA Forest Service. Contact Jolie Wanger (808) 395-7765 or (808) 721-7604