Maui Nui Announcements

Maui Nui Announcements

At DOFAW we do our best to make sure we are keeping in touch with the community and providing necessary information in a way that is easy for you. Depending on the scope of an announcement, you might find it in a few places:

  • Island announcements: Updates specific to your local branch of DOFAW (Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Maui Nui, Hawai‘i Island) can be found here on your announcements page. The posts below are in addition to, not in place, of those department-wide or division-wide announcements, and are usually created by on-branch staff specifically for your community.
  • DOFAW statewide announcements: Check here for announcements related to more than one branch, or to all branches in the division.
  • DLNR Newsroom: This page provides the official news releases for DLNR, including DOFAW but for other divisions of DLNR as well.

Maui Nui Announcements:

Waihou Springs State Forest Reserve and Trail System Is Currently Closed Following August Fires

Active tree-fall remains a serious threat to hikers.  Trees damaged by high winds continue to drop large limbs or fall on or near the trail.  Staff normally assigned to trail maintenance are among the 28… Read More »

Access restored to Kula FR

Access Restored to Kula Forest Reserve and Polipoli State Recreation Area

Kula Forest Reserve and access to Polipoli State Recreation Area is now restored. As of April 3, 2023, exceptions include the Waiakoa Loop Trail and #5 access road. Please call the Maui Branch Office of… Read More »

Kīpahulu Forest Reserve


INPUT SOUGHT FOR MANAGEMENT OF KĪPAHULU FOREST RESERVE ON MAUI Online platform streamlines community participation (KAUPŌ, MAUI) –Management efforts on the southeast slopes of Haleakalā aim to gradually restore the native forest ecosystem of Maui’s… Read More »

Access to Polipoli State Recreation Area and Kula Forest Reserve remains closed until April 3rd , 2023

Road repair work being done by contractors should be completed by April 3rd, 2023.  Kula Forest Reserve and access to Polipoli State Recreation Area were closed after historic storms in December 2021 washed out multiple… Read More »

An image of Kamehamenui

Input sought for draft Kamehamenui management plan

Two upcoming meetings (one in-person and one virtual) provide opportunities for public input on how to manage this area.

An image of Fern Duvall with an ʻalalā

Celebrating Fern Duvall as a Conservation Leader

After 38 years of conservation work in Hawaiʻi, Fern Duvall joins our list of Conservation Leaders. Watch our new video highlighting Fern’s work in bird conservation, as a Wildlife Biologist, and as the Maui Native… Read More »

An image of coral

Maui County Council aims to protect reefs by banning non-mineral sunscreens

The Maui County Council recently passed an ordinance preventing the use of non-mineral sunscreens in an effort to protect reefs. This news will impact users of the Division of Forestry & Wildlife’s ʻĀhihi-Kīnaʻu Natural Area… Read More »

An image of logs

Koa wood for sale! Contact Maui DOFAW prior to December 21

The Maui office of the Division of Forestry & Wildlife has koa wood for sale. The wood was salvaged from public lands. Full details are in the news release below. 11/19/21-ACACIA KOA SALVAGED FROM PUBLIC… Read More »

An image of nēnē in a roadway

Two nēnē killed by car near Kahului airport; drivers urged to use caution

A bonded pair of nēnē were struck by a vehicle near Kahului airport. As drivers hit the roads this holiday season, officials urge driving with caution to protect this native bird. Full details available in… Read More »

An image of an ʻakikiki

Kauaʻi ʻAkikiki Traveling to Maui for Additional Protection

A recent news release from DLNR notes that five ʻakikiki from Kauaʻi will be traveling to a breeding program here on Maui. The birds are from a field site in the mountains of Kauaʻi that… Read More »